Simple, elegant, and affordable handmade gemstone jewelry for you.

Get your hands on:

  • Moonstone Jewelry

  • Sterling Silver Jewelry

  • Handmade Gemstone Pendants

  • Dazzling Birthstone Necklaces

  • Minimalist Statement Pieces

  • Handmade Jewelry

When you shop with McIntosh Designer Gems, you’re getting elegant gemstone jewelry that is personally handmade by me, Nick McIntosh, full-time college student by day and gemstone jewelry designer extraordinaire by night.

As soon as you place your order I will prepare your piece of jewelry by hand and with love. It’s important that I treat all of my customers to the highest quality craftsmanship.

Why work with McIntosh Designer Gems?

Most jewelry pieces out there are mass-manufactured in sweatshop style factories. When you purchase from them, you’re purchasing from a faceless, soulless, corporate brand. There’s no love, personal touch, or charm there…

Though, when you shop with McIntosh Designer Gems, you’re getting jewelry that’s personally handmade by yours truly, Nick McIntosh. I’m a gemcutter from southern California, I’m 20 years old attending my third year at college, and I’m personally handling every single order that runs through McIntosh Designer Gems.

I believe that everybody deserves to get their hands on their own gemstone jewelry.  Not just the wealthy.  Unlike a lot of the other small jewelry businesses out there, I’m offering affordable jewelry pieces for as low as $14.99.

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