Delicate Stud Amethyst Earrings


This amethyst earring set will be the piece that makes your outfit pop.

  • 100% natural amethyst
  • Genuine 925 sterling silver
  • Stone size: 10x8mm
  • Handmade for you with love
  • Delicate
  • Dainty
  • Daunty
  • And handmade for you with love

There’s a reason amethyst is one of the more popular gemstones.


Treat someone to a very special gift with these amethyst earrings…

What you’re getting with this order is two smaller-sized, 10x8mm, 100% natural purple amethyst cabochons set in two real, oval-shaped sterling silver earring settings with 4 low prongs. Look at all pictures so you get a good feel for the earrings.

Associated with the month of February by the Romans, amethyst has been an incredibly popular stone throughout the ages. Today, those in the metaphysical community believe that it has soothing powers, so many people wear it for calming effects. Many believe that amethyst is a stone of calmness, sobriety, and soothing. It’s recommended using it to preserve stability and calmness in your life.

There’s a reason amethyst is one of the more popular gemstones.

As soon as you make this purchase, I’ll personally handcraft your amethyst earring set out of all natural purple amethyst and sterling silver. As soon as I have your ring made, I’ll package it in a cute jewelry box, secure it with bubble wrap, and package all of this along with a handwritten note and a complementary gift just for you.

Keep in mind that each ring is personally handmade for you. The stone in your ring won’t necessarily be the stone pictured above. It will have its very own unique charm and personality, though I promise your stone will be just as dazzling (if not more) as the stone pictured.

This earring set is made to order. So, as soon as you make your order, I’ll handcraft your ring. When I finish your ring, I’ll be sure to securely package it up and ship it as soon as possible. During the whole process , don’t be afraid to reach out via the messaging system. I’m more than glad to give updates on your earring’s progress and let you know what’s going on.

It usually takes me 1-3 days to ship these.

I look forward to looking with you.

P.S. Be nice to your ring! A lot of hard work and care went into making it special just for you – amethyst is a valuable and delicate gemstone.

Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in


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